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10 Things You Should Know That Make Lucknow Metro So Unique


The ‘City of Tehzeeb’, Lucknow offers a wide variety of things to the curious observer. It is an important centre of governance, administration, education, commerce, technology, culture, tourism, music and poetry.

Over the five past years, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed stunning advancement in infrastructure development and technology.  The state especially the capital city is witnessing a massive rise in the number of immigrants and therefore, mass rapid transit system is need of the hour.

In order to bring world-class infrastructure to the most populous state of India, Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of UP took the first step towards bringing advanced metro transportation system to the state. With this vision, Lucknow Metro Rail Project an integrated mass public transport system was started in Lucknow. With a futuristic aim of connecting the length and breadth of this city, Lucknow Metro was conceptualised to make the entire public transportation system, a seamless one.

“I am associated with several ongoing metro rail projects in the country. But I can say with full confidence that Lucknow Metro Rail Project takes the top slot in terms of good quality of work.” ~ E-Shreedharan

Lucknow Metro, India’s fastest and cheapest constructed metro has been garnering accolades and praises from all over. It has already achieved many successes so far. You may wonder, what’s so unique and fascinating about Lucknow Metro? Here’s your curiosity cure:


  1. Best Metro Award for Innovative Designs: Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has been recognised and awarded for ‘Best Metro Excellence in Innovative Designs’ in the 5th annual Metro Rail Summit-2016 in New Delhi, recently. The metro was awarded on the basis of innovation and addressing particular difficulties over the key perspectives like money, arrangement, portability, flagging, operations, control, security and upkeep.


  1. Gold Category IQS Award: The Lifeline of Lucknow has been awarded with International Quality Summit (IQS) Award-2016 for quality and excellence in the metro project execution. The award has been given under ‘Gold’ category. LMRC has passed 7 tenets of quality and these are: excellence, innovation, customer satisfaction, technology, leadership, strategic planning, and business results. The award carries a logo, trophy and IQS certificate.


  1. Optimum Utilization of Resources: LMRC team have followed best practices to ensure that the metro construction work doesn’t pollute the environment. The loosened earth that came out of digging metro tunnel has been effectively used by irrigation department for strengthening the banks of rivers, widening of roads and levelling of earth in low lying areas.


  1. Safe Ride with Ballastless Tracks: Ballastless tracks are an integral part of railway systems, which provide an elastic support to passengers and absorb major part of the noise created by passing wheels. LMRC have used these tracks and scissors ballastless crossing for the ease of people.


  1. Robust Tunnelling Plan: The tunnelling plan for Lucknow Metro has been prepared by world-renowned Australian designer of tunnel boring machines, Terratec. Terratec’s engineering team, with more than 40 years of experience have constructed an excellent tunnel for Lucknow Metro.


  1. Superfast Washing Plant: An Automatic Train Washing Plant has been constructed inside the LMRC depot to ensure its timely cleaning. The cleaning system has a capacity of washing ten trains per hour.


  1. Special Facility of Operations and Maintenance: All aspects of operation and maintenance like running of trains, use of lifts, escalators, lights, air conditioning, tunnel ventilation, signalling and telecommunication involve electrical energy utilization. LMRC has constructed 132/33/25 KV receiving sub-station at its Transport Nagar Train Depot.


  1. Train sets by Alstom: French multinational Alstom manufactured metro trainsets and signalling solution for the Lucknow Metro. All the trains have been equipped with passenger information system for a high level of passenger comfort.


  1. Smart Travelling: Lucknowites will soon enjoy smart travelling with Lucknow Metro smart card. It’s a special card that serves as a ‘Common Mobility Card’ (CMC) and can be integrated with 28 different agencies for passenger’s mobility needs within the city. With CMC, one can recharge and swipe it, to travel in any of the public transport vehicles in the city. This card can also be used in other metro systems being planned in cities such as Kanpur and Varanasi.


  1. Metro Man as a Principal Advisor: It is heartening to see that LMRC has an impressive brain bank in the form of E-Shreedharan and other reputed consultants.


Uttar Hamara feels that the Lifeline of Lucknow, our very own Lucknow Metro will go a long way in making capital city pollution and congestion free to a great extent.

Stay connected with us for more updates on Lucknow Metro.

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